Cuti Hari Natal katanya..
POSTED ON Wednesday, December 26 AT 18:08 \\
Maka cuti seminggu ini (to be exact, 9 days) packed with assignments. 9 days should be enough to settle down all of it but hm due to weather at East Coast Peninsula MY, I have to HIBERNATE. I don't even want to pee or poop as the tiles are icy-cold ! This is serious !
Since everyday is a rainy day, all my plans are ruined.

22th Dec- A friend.  Great-good-handsome-nice-sweet friend surprised me ! He called and yes asked me to get ready and blablablabla. Without suspecting,yeah I just follow his rhythm and tadaaa !! He's actually at Kelantan. Like what? O EM Geeee !!! Good Job. You never failed to make my heart beats irregularly. MAJOR HEART ATTACK. But hey thanks dude ! * kiss-awangawangan

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