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 Saturday, the second day of February. It was a destiny for MPI0202C to accomplished their school project named 'ENGLISH IS FUN'
Number of students: 64 (standard 6)
Number of facis: 40 maybe HAHA
Time: 8.00 a.m- 5.30 p.m.
Venue: Exam hall,SK Lendu, Alor Gajah, Melaka

The project was about to show to students that English can be learnt in fun ways. There's a lot of activities such as.... tut tut tut.. *later I'll tell la.. Aiyooo*
Every member of the group has her/his own job. And my prospect is.. *Tarraaaaaa*

But I did help others to 'kacau' the students HAHA. There's a boy. His name is LOQMAN. He was holding a comic. LAWAK KAMPUS. Due to that, I tended to sit beside him and asked his name then I asked. "Whose comic do you hold? Do you want me to keep it for you or you keep it for yourself?" 
"Bukan saya punya kak.."
"Speak in English Loqman. So, that's mean you have decided that akak yang akan simpan kan?"
Then he stand up and went to his bag. Keep it safely HAHA..
I managed to capture his UGLY face. But I don't have it. Lucky him or else I'll post entry about that UGLY FACE haha.. 

Chicken Dance.

They're making lots of noise. -.-

Logo & Motto competition. *Penguin's group*
Actually, Faiz is the artist for the logo HAHA. No wonder it is cute enough.
Their motto is ' Nyot Nyot Pingu Pingu' >_<

Yummy huh? Penghargaan untuk Sisnoto Santar but hey he gave all the fruits to his students. I wish he knew some people were working really hard polishing the fruits. Haiyaaaa

Okay.. Activities? Ayyy lot.. 
Spell it Right, Simon Says, Songs Game, Pass the Message, Charades, Tazkirah Session. Emmm.. I'm a lil bit lost in memorizing the activities.. Sorry.. HAHA

The day was ended as in a routine. Alhamdulillah. Tired? EXHAUSTED :D
So I need to re-brain and re-think and re-format and re- decide about teaching career especially primary school. Haishhh...

Talking about career. Suddenly, UPU is crossing my mind. Right now. emmm.. Naahhhh.. Later.

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